Composite Fluid Diagnostic System

Measuring  multiple fluid parameter with a single probe,


Analyzing fluid data,


Notification in real time 


Automated supply proccess



The Solution

We have  better, efficient, accurate, and cheaper  technique to measure multiple fluid parameters using a single sensor and platform

The Solution - Function


Hot wire technique with no moving parts and embedded software


Unified probe compatible with any fluid type


Measuring multiple fluid parameters


Calibration free


Maintenance free


Measure fluid propertied along its depth

The Solution - Manufacturing


Simplified manufacturing, unified probe for all fluid types


Comprehensive solution to any complex function


Single production process for all sensor functions


Easily customized


Full connectivity with analytical capabilities ( Embedded software)

The Platform


Autonomous fluid management system


Analysis of fluid condition


Notifies in real time of any extreme changes or irregularities


Notifies when fluid requires change


Automates deliveries and disposal

Creating New Product Category


Fluid measuring technique that is based on analyzing thermocouple’s reading utilizing IP algorithm



Proprietary technology for  fluid property measurements using IP software


A different approach to fluid parameter measurement measuring multiple fluid parameter using a single device.



Scalable high efficiency, accurate, real time results


Fluid Temperature, Level, Viscosity, Multi liquid, and ice forming measurement




Technology that promises even greater benefits and advantages


Greening Value chain by using simplified sensing technique yet accurate, that increases machine life, reduces fluid waste, improves product quality and integrated in industry 4.0 platforms

Adaptation to changing industries


There is more the technology can offer, and we are exploring other areas. We are ready for future trends and technologies and can adopt in a click of a button.

From concept to reality. The journey towards the multi parameter sensor

Working together with chemists, software engineers and laboratories we developed a new concept,  a proprietary probe and algorithm to convert signals from an innovative probe to data. Our technology is innovative, selective, and scalable.

A common wire heats designated areas, where thermocouples are placed, then our proprietary software analyzes, computes and determines  5 fluid parameters; Temperature, Level, Viscosity, Multi liquid (immiscibility) and ice forming.

An identical, similar sensor is sufficient for any type of fluid.

Change the concept of fluid analysis and measurement

Abandon the manual sampling, recording, logging and utilize a fully reliable automated system

Common and available probe materials


The probe design incorporates available off the shelf materials available from multiple sources

Production simplicity and cost saving



An identical probe use for all fluid measurements, which makes production simple and cost effective.

Low Cost and cost saving


Makes the sensor available and affordable to any application.