ALGORITHEM BASED FLUID CONDITION SENSOR                                         Multi-Function IoT Sensor


The wave® technology for measuring multi-parameters in liquids is based on a breakthrough in probe design and proprietary software. The probe replaces five single function sensors while measuring continuous temperature, level and other liquid quality  parameters.

  • Advanced algorithm based platform with proprietary Wave©  Profile Technology
  • Proprietary processing software for converting sensor signals
  • Simple production method with single substrate, thermocouples & thermistor
  • Utilizes readily available materials for low production costs
  • Real-Time health monitoring of fluid product performance



Max Engineering developed and patented combined technique of thermocouple configuration device with firmware to simultaneously measure multiple liquid parameters using a single probe and the proprietary Wave® Technology.

 The technology represents a new approach to liquid sensing, it is not based on conventional technology ( float, capacitive, gravity, pressure, ultrsonic, radar and such), is highly adaptable and can be customized for wide variety of applications.  


Liquid Temperature and Level Measurement   

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