Composite Fluid Diagnostic System

We developed new technique and technology for a 1-in-5 fluid sensor



Fluid Sensor; sen·​sor; : a device that responds to a physical stimulus (such as heat, level, acidity, viscosity, oil in water and transmits a resulting impulse as for measurement or operating a control



A multifunction composite sensor, unlike traditional sensors, consolidates multiple capabilities into a single sensor, decreasing both the number of probes needed, the size, weight and power requirements for the advanced capabilities. The multifunction single probe can deploy several functions simultaneously, is fully software-defined and simply designed.

Great cost saving on fluid measurement

and fluid management

In the dynamic world of fluid mechanics, the ability to accurately measure various parameters of a fluid is crucial. Our cutting-edge sensor technology introduces the 5-in-1 Fluid Dynamics Sensor, a single, compact device capable of measuring five critical fluid parameters: Acidity, Viscosity, level,  temperature, and oil in water  analyzing  fluid quality,  and detecting  ice forming.  


Better fluid measurement, better fluid management

At Digital Fluid Technologies we are creating an innovative fluid sensor technique, analytical  system and service platform  providing  accurate and real time fluid measurements and analytics.


The Sensor's low cost makes it affordable to small and mid market companies.


Its efficiency and accuracy reduce fluid management cost by up to 50%.


Its accuracy significantly reduces fluid waste and harmful material disposal.   

We believe that fluid management is crucial and may lower operating costs up to 50%, a viable way to reduce fluid waste, extend machine life and allow better performance and quality products. May it be machine tools, white appliances, marine applications, health tec or automotive. Our sensor technology provideds an efficient, affordable alternative.


For years, our founder have  been trying to find the holy grail for fluid management, coolant, lubricants, or water. The key would be a single probe sensor, with multiple capabilities to measure ALL fluid’s properties, will outlive the equipment’s lifetime while keeping up with upgrades and technology,


We found it.

The MAX sensor takes a different approach measuring  all fluid properties, using a single unified sensor.

What we succesfuly tested

We successfully tested these fluids for  temperature, level, viscosity and 2 fluids detection