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Multiparameter measurement device

Competitive Advanages 


Registered patent
Reliable and durable with no moving parts


Cost saving

  • System can be integrated in liquid container during manufacturing process
  • Avoids the need of additional openings for conventional sensors in liquid containers
  • Replaces 2 or more sensors
  • Compatible to automotive systems Data bus, OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) commercial PLC or similar systems.
  • Off the shelf components enable low production costs  
  • Compact design

Reliable solid state digital technology, avoiding common errors and inaccuracies caused by conventional technologies


  • Built-In Adaptability to future challenges, geometry and applications. 
  • Self diagnostic features reassures safe performance.
  • Self calibrated system eliminates additional service costs.
  • Low voltage low amperage consumption
  • RFI EMI EMP proof
  • Open end technology
  • Scalability to future needs and requirements - Branching out. Future Automobile design may entail additional sensors which will require firmware/software modifications only.
  • Built-in safety features. Self-Health Monitoring
  • Communication capabilities ( Bluetooth, wifi, GSM/CDMA/TDMA)


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